COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 Temporary Shared Register for former RCCP Registrants

COVID 19 Resources

We recognise that the direct and indirect impact of the COVID19 pandemic continues for many organisations and individuals and the long-term impact is unknown.

The RCCP thank you for all you are doing to support patients and clinical services during the pandemic.

Despite these unprecedented times, our main priority during this period of continuing uncertainty remains our commitment to ensuring we meet our obligations to protect the public, whilst taking into consideration current Government and Public Health guidance. 

We also have a duty to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees, whilst they continue to work remotely.  We recognise our Registrants are working in demanding circumstances and where necessary are adapting their practice in response to these pressures.  We aim to provide the necessary support and flexibility wherever possible throughout this crisis.

Although our Head Office in Droitwich remains closed, with limited access to receive and respond to incoming post, if you need to contact the RCCP please email or call on 01905 885350 (office hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri).  Our staff have limited access to the office and will continue to respond to postal enquiries but our response times may be slightly delayed. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Registrants must continue to meet their obligations to the RCCP CPD Standards even during times of crisis.  The RCCP do however recognise that some registrants assisting with frontline services in particular, may find this challenging and it is not clear at this stage how long this period of increased pressure on the workforce will last. 

CPD opportunities may or may not be significantly affected.  In fact, some physiologists are reporting they have more CPD time due to all routine diagnostics being cancelled but with the increased likelihood of redeployment this is not expected to last.   The RCCP appreciate there are a number of factors that may limit a range of CPD opportunities during this period including the impact of staff sickness; remote and flexible working practices; redeployment; cancelled CPD conferences; reduced academic learning.  There may also be reduced time to commit to self-directed learning in a registrant’s own time, some more than others being impacted by school closures and the added pressure to home-school children.

Although the full impact of COVID-19 did not occur prior to the CPD 2019 audit deadline.  There were however a number of submissions that did not meet the RCCP CPD Standards prior to this deadline.  The RCCP Board agreed to reduce the pressure on these registrants during this crisis period and withdrew the notification to resubmit in most cases.  These resubmissions will be added automatically to the 2021 audit cycle. 

Raising Concerns and our Fitness to Practice (FtP) Process

Many regulators, including the RCCP are prioritising their work and are continuing their obligations to administrate and progress FtP investigations throughout this period.  We continue to receive and promptly triage any concerns raised through our website or via other mechanisms. 

Although our Head Office in Droitwich remains closed, with limited access to receive and respond to incoming post, we are encouraging all parties involved in active FtP investigations to communicate using email to wherever possible.  Our staff have limited access to the office and will continue to respond to postal enquiries but our usual response times may be delayed.  Our phone line is fully operational on 01905 885350.

Due to social distancing restrictions, any face-to-face Hearings are not currently being scheduled until such a time we are in a position to list.  Currently there are no Professional Conduct Hearings or Health Review Hearings scheduled.

Our Assessment Committee Panels continue to meet using video-conferencing technology to investigate concerns and administrate their FtP decisions. 

We will ensure service-user safety by prioritising the consideration of Interim Measures applications where concerns are raised of a serious nature.  Review Hearings will be held in private in contact with all parties.  There are currently no Interim Measures Hearings or Review Hearings scheduled.