How the RCCP are continuing their regulatory function during the COVID 19 Pandemic

The RCCP are committed to doing all we can to support our registrants, patients and the public at this challenging time.

We have made some operational changes during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we continue to regulate clinical physiologists effectively. Any operational changes during this period should not significantly impact the work we do despite temporarily closing our Head Office in Droitwich with all staff now working remotely.

Our primary role is to protect the public by regulating 6 disciplines of clinical physiologists and to do this we:

  • set the standards for clinical physiologist’s education and training practice;
  • keep a register of clinical physiologists, known as ‘registrants’, who meet our standards; and
  • take action if clinical physiologists on our register do not meet our Standards


Impact on Education and Training

We understand that many organisations set up contingency plans relating to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and that in the highly challenging circumstances, education providers may need to depart from established procedures to continue with education and training. These plans will be based on professional judgement as well as advice on how to curb the spread of the virus.
It is likely that the experience for all students will be affected, especially where placement hours are concerned. We wish to assure course providers that RCCP acknowledges the unusual nature of the situation and that alternatives will have to be found to support students in either finishing their academic year, carrying content or postponing certain activities, where possible and appropriate.
We recognise the necessity of these changes as there are a number of challenges students may be facing that could prevent completion of their studies including:

  • Cost of extending study period
  • Time off studies to see when and if they can return to placement
  • Ability to seek employment


The RCCP Board have agreed a new process presented by the RCCP Professional Standards and Education Committee to allow students graduating in the summer of 2020 to apply for RCCP registration on completion of their studies. For more information access the Graduating students 2020 link in COVID 19 resources.