The Benefits of registration

Our primary purpose is to protect the public.

Patients, the public and employers can be confident that only someone who is qualified and meets our standards will be registered. Anyone can find out if someone is registered by using our ‘search the register’ function. We can investigate concerns that someone on our register does not meet our standards and take action to protect the public.

For clinical physiologists, registration is a clear demonstration that you are qualified, meet high standards for your practice and behaviour and are willing to be accountable for what you do. Our processes make sure that only people who are qualified and fit to practise are able to register and remain registered with us, which protects the public and promotes confidence in your profession. Registration is recognised by many employers as a requirement for employment.

PSA accreditation quality mark

The RCCP register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). Active registrants can make use of the PSA accreditation quality mark. The quality mark gives extra peace of mind to anyone looking for a clinical physiologist, letting them know that anyone who holds the mark is committed to the high standards of RCCP.

We have produced a guide to using the quality mark. To use the quality mark, email to make a request, including your name and registration name. After registration status has been confirmed, the logo will be emailed to you.

Tax relief on registration fees 

RCCP registrants are able to apply to HMRC for tax relief on their annual registration fees. For more information, see the HMRC website