Our Standards

Our Standards underpin how we regulate clinical physiologists and they describe what our Registrants must know, understand, and be able to do at the time they apply to join and in order to remain on our Register.  The RCCP Standards are the minimum requirements we expect of our Registrants to meet. 

If you are receiving care, treatment or other services from one of our registrants, or you might do so in the future, our Standards will help you to understand how our registrants demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge and behaviours to practise in their profession so you know what to expect of them.

The standards play an important role in public protection. When a professional applies for or renews their registration, or if concerns are raised about their fitness to practise while they are registered with us, we use the standards to check whether they have the necessary knowledge and skills and behaviours to be able to practise their profession safely and effectively.

The standards do not set out best practice for that profession and should not limit a Registrant’s ability to provide the best care they can.