RCCP Privacy Policy

1. General
1.1 By submitting your information to www.rccp.co.uk (the "Site") you agree to the terms and conditions as detailed in this Privacy Policy document.
1.2 rccp.co.uk may change these Privacy Policy terms and conditions from time to time and you are therefore responsible for checking the Privacy Policy each time you visit the Site.
1.3 Any visitor to the Site may review the contents and information of all areas except the Registrant area which can only be accessed through a unique email address and password.
1.4 The Site also contains links to other websites and rccp.co.uk takes no responsibility for their content, accuracy, privacy policies and performance of such websites. Any comments or queries in relation to such linked websites should be directed to the relevant contact for such websites.
1.5 We will from time to time take website usage information to assist us in the ongoing development of the Site. This will not include information that can be used to identify any individual.
1.6 rccp.co.uk accepts no responsibility for any transmission of viruses from the Site.
1.7 We reserve the right to access and disclose any information to comply with applicable laws and lawful requests by any appropriate authorities.
1.8 You also agree that rccp.co.uk may disclose your Personal Data to:
(a) A sub-contractor who needs such information in order to enable us to perform the service.
(b) Any related company to rccp.co.uk.
(c) A proposed or actual purchaser of part or all of the business.
2. Registrant area
2.1 When you register in the Registrant area we need to know your name, email address and other information about you.
2.2 You can only access your Registrant area by entering your unique email address and password. You must not divulge your email address and password to any other third party. rccp.co.uk will not be responsible for the consequences of a third party accessing your account using your email address and password.
2.3 In submitting the registration form to us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions of rccp.co.uk and the terms of this Privacy Statement.
3. Protecting Your Information on rccp.co.uk
3.1 The Site servers are sited in a secure location and access is by authorised personnel only.
3.2 Files placed by Registrants onto the Site will be checked by rccp.co.uk for viruses before release to the Site.
4. Updating Your Information
4.1 You are solely responsible for the information you provide and for keeping that information updated.
5. Data Protection Registration
5.1 rccp.co.uk complies with the Data protection Act 1998. All personal data that is processed by rccp.co.uk is for the purpose of contacting you about services in which you may be interested.
5.2 The personal data may be used by:
Any member of the group of companies of which rccp.co.uk is a member.
Agents acting on behalf of rccp.co.uk or any member of the group of companies of which rccp.co.uk is a member.
5.3 If you require copies any personal data held about you by rccp.co.uk you may make a written request to us for such data. There is a fee for the provision of this service.
6. Use of Cookies
6.1 Cookies are stored on your computer with your permission to enable our software to identify you when you login to your Registrant area and to track your application.
6.2 To avoid unauthorised access to your Registrant account, ALWAYS remember to log out of your registrant area if your computer is used or has shared access with another person or persons.
7. IP Addresses
7.1 We store your IP address within our log files, both within the standard web logs and within our audit logs whenever you log in. These will be used to determine and block malicious activity and to facilitate the fixing of website issues.
8. Contacting www.rccp.co.uk
8.1 If you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact our support team rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk