Renewal Eligibility - Clinical Practice & Relevant Capacity

What is meant by ‘practising your profession’?

‘Practising your profession’ is defined as drawing on your professional skills and knowledge during your
work. For most registrants, the question of whether they are practising is straightforward. If they are
employed, they will be practising and their employer may require them to be appropriately registered with the RCCP or Academy for Healthcare Science. For other registrants it may be less clear whether their work qualifies as ‘practising their profession’.

This may include:

• people who work on a voluntary basis;
• people who do occasional work, or
• those who have moved into a role that is related
to their profession, but not directly part of it.

Relevant Capacity

This is not a full list and we do not want to exclude people from the Register who are using their
professional skills and experience in some capacity and who want to be registered. This includes those who are in education, management, research or other related areas.  We believe that the individual will be the person best placed to decide whether they are practising their profession. 

Career Breaks and Returning to Practise

Please note that from 1st May 2022, the following policy is applicable. 

AHCS Career Breaks and Returning to Practice Policy 

This is relevant for those registrants who are taking a career break and deactivate their registration, either at the renewal stage or in the future.

This has replaced the current RCCP guidance.

The main change to Return to practise (RTP)  is to the registration readmittance requirements. These are now based on the length of career break and relate to three scenarios:

  • Where a person returns to practise following a career break of less that 12 months
  • Where a person returns to practise following a career break period of between one and five years
  • Where a person returns to practise following a career break period of more than five years


CPD submission is no longer required for RTP*, full requirements are specified in the policy.

* Compliance with RCCP CPD Standards is still a requirement for all Registrants, this change relates to RTP requirements only.