The PSE Committee

The PSE formerly known as PBEC, was formally renamed in 2019 as part of the RCCP's Governance Restructuring Programme. The RCCP Professional Bodies education Committee  (PBEC)was originally established in 2002, the now PSE has representation from the following organisations;

  • British Academy of Audiology (BAA)
  • British Association of Educational Audiologists (BAEA)
  • Association of GI Physiology (AGIP)
  • Association of Neurophysiological Scientists (ANS)
  • BSS British Sleep Society(BSS)
  • The Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP)
  • British Heart Hearth Rhythm. (BHRS)
  • British Society of Echocardiography (BSecho)
  • ACPE (Association of Clinical Physiology Educators)

The PSE committee replaces the Professional Body Education committee (PBEC) that consisted of professional body representatives and focused on accreditation of courses and oversaw professional body examinations.


The expanded remit of the PSE now includes;

  • Processes around joining the register  
  • Accreditation of courses 
  • Set Standards of proficiency for each profession
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) 

For more information on the work of the PSE, click here to access PSE Terms of Reference.