Hearings and Decisions

Recent fitness to practise hearings and decisions


Name RCCP No. Modality Venue & Date of Hearing County where allegation took place Investigation Reference Allegation Type Outcome/Date
Kasim Ali 8311 Clinical Physiologist (Audiology) HCPTS Hearing
405 Kennington Road, London.
Manchester, Cheshire 603798 Conviction Removal Order  (Paragraph 5: Fitness to Practise Procedure.   RCCP Registrar accepts the decision of HCPC and ratified the sanction on 18/06/19.
Hamayoun Sadiq 7476 Clinical Physiologist (Audiology) RCCP Assessment Committee, Virtual Hearing. 24/11/2020 Hereford, Herefordshire 969841   Interim Suspension 24.11.20 - 12 months (to be reviewed before 24.05.21 or earlier if new evidence which is relevant to the IM order becomes available.