How we deal with concerns

We investigate all cases objectively and independently.
Following receipt of your written concern, we assess the details of the concern against our  Standards of Acceptance for fitness to practise investigations to decide whether it is about an issue that is within our remit to investigate. This is to decide whether the concern amounts to an allegation that a registrant’s fitness to practise may be impaired. We take into account also whether there has been a serious breach of the RCCP’s Good Scientific Practice, Standards of Proficiency or other relevant guidance.

If your concern is not something we are able to investigate we will write to you to explain why and will try to direct you to another organisation that may be able to assist.

If we consider that our Standards of Acceptance have not been met, we will close the case and take no further action. We will write to you to explain how we have reached this decision.

If we find that your concern does meet our Standards of Acceptance, we will refer the matter to our Assessment Committee for preliminary investigation. Our Assessment Committee Guidance Notes  and Assessment Committee decisions guidance  provide more information in relation to this stage of the investigation and decision process.

Once an investigation has been opened, we will inform the clinical physiologist about the concern/s that we are investigating and give them an opportunity to respond. We will also tell the registrant who raised the concern and provide them with a copy of any information you may have sent to us. We ask that the clinical physiologist provides information to assist with the investigation at the beginning of this stage. We may also ask the clinical physiologist for details about their employer. Once we have the employer’s contact details, we may let them know about our investigation.
If the Assessment Committee find there is a realistic prospect that a Professional Conduct Committee or Health Review Panel, that the Registrant’s fitness to practise may be impaired, allegations will be drawn up and a the case will be referred the concern to a Professional Conduct Committee panel. Please see our Professional Conduct Committee Sanctions Guidance  for more information.