Information we need before we investigate

Information about the person raising the concern

  • Name
  • Correspondence address, phone number and email address

Information about the registrant

  • Name
  • Registration number (you can search on the website here)
  • Work address (if you know it)

Information about your concern

  • A clear description of what happened
  • Where the event (or events) took place
  • The date and time period (or both) that the event (or events) took place

Information about witnesses

  • Name and address of anyone else who saw what happened

Information about the action you have taken

  • Details of any other organisation you have contacted about the matter (for example, the registrant’s employer or the police)

Supporting documents, for example:

  • notes you have made at the time of the event (or events) or soon afterwards;
  • correspondence between you and the person you have a concern about;
  • or correspondence you have received in response to raising your concerns with another organisation.

 Raise a concern with the RCCP