Raising concerns

Raising a concern means providing us with information about something that a clinical physiologist did, or information about the clinical physiologist themselves. We investigate concerns about our Registrants as part of our role in protecting the public, upholding public confidence in Clinical Physiology and maintaining professional standards.

We receive concerns from many different sources and including members of the public, service users, employers, notifications from the police, other organisations involved in healthcare. Registrants are also able to self-refer. We can act on information we receive from any source that may call into question a registrant’s fitness to practise.

Concerns can only be considered under the RCCP fitness to practise procedure if they concern a Registrant. Search the RCCP Register.

Raise a concern with the RCCP

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What if the Person I am looking for does not appear on the RCCP Register?

This could be the case if the person concerned is a student or in the process of applying to the register.
There are other organisations that the Healthcare Professional may be registered with in addition to, or as well as the RCCP.

These are:

The Academy of Healthcare Science -  https://www.ahcs.ac.uk
Health and Care Professionals Council - https://www.hcpc-uk.org/

There are rare instances when a registrant's name may not be published on the RCCP register. This will be in exceptional circumstances related to the Registrant's safety, when publishing their name may put them at risk. Please see the RCCP Procedure for the publication of registrants names for details


Standards of Acceptance (threshold criteria for FtP investigations)

Our Standards of Acceptance or threshold criteria for fitness to practise investigations set out our approach to how the RCCP investigate fitness to practise concerns. The threshold criteria helps to support the RCCP in identifying the cases that raise fitness to practise concerns and require investigation.

We consider all concerns in the same way, regardless of how they originated. When we receive a concern, we will at first consider whether it:

  • Relates to an RCCP registered professional;
  • Has been made in writing;
  • Relates to any of the five grounds of impairment set out below 

A registrant’s fitness to practise may be found to be impaired for one or more of the following five grounds as detailed in our Fitness to Practise Procedure (Paragraphs 7.1 -7.5):

1  Misconduct
2  Deficient Professional Performance
3  Adverse physical or mental health
4  An adverse determination by another professional regulatory body
5  A criminal conviction or caution in the UK for a criminal offence, or a conviction elsewhere for an offence which, if committed in the UK could constitute a criminal offence

We will also undertake a risk assessment on receipt of the concern. This enables us to identify any serious concerns or potential interim order matters that need to be prioritised through the fitness to practise process.

We can only look into concerns that raise questions about a registrant’s fitness to practise. We cannot look at concerns that are solely about customer service or employment issues or the level of fees charged by a registrant. We are not a complaints resolution service and cannot make a registrant apologise or provide a refund or compensation.