Maintaining your Registration

Once Registered with the RCCP, there are a number of considerations for you to be aware of in order to maintain your registration. These include;

  • Keeping your contact details updated when required
  • Continuing Compliance with Standards
  • Annual Renewal Activities
  • Private Practice and Indemnity Insurance declaration & policy details provision
  • Informing the RCCP of any changes that affect your clinical practise

Contact Details Update

It is essential that all registrants update their contact details when required. This is a condition of your registration. This includes both your primary and alternative email addresses, your address and your current place of work. Please log into your RCCP online dashboard to make changes.

Compliance with standards

As an RCCP registrant you are expected to abide by the following standards:

Standards of Proficiency for Healthcare Science Practitioners - June 2023

*Please note AHCS is publishing this interim update to the Standards of Proficiency for Healthcare Scientist Practitioners to facilitate the merging of the RCCP and AHCS Clinical Physiology part of the Register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. A fuller review of these standards will be taking place in summer/autumn 2023. There is no requirement for Academic Institutions to alter curricula in response to this update.

Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics  * Replaced by Good Scientific Practice from 1st April 2022

RCCP CPD Standards

You are also asked to have read and understood the RCCP Fitness to Practise Procedure

Annual Renewal

In order to maintain your registration, you are required to renew on annual basis. Our Registration Year runs from 1st May to 30th April in any given year. As part of this process we ask you to do the following:

  • Confirm the contact details we hold for you and make any required changes including address, email address & name
  • State whether you perform any physiology service as a private practitioner and if so supply your indemnity policy number and expiry date
  • Complete your annual declaration. This allows the RCCP to continue to check your health and character. This is to make sure that registrants can practice safely and effectively within their profession.

Private Practice and Indemnity Insurance

Please also note that the four UK Health Departments are aware of concerns that have arisen about the fact that some healthcare professionals currently practise without insurance cover, or insufficient cover and that in such circumstances those whom they treat may be left without means to seek redress in the event of a negative incident negligently caused by the activities of a healthcare professional(s). RCCP strongly recommends that you ensure you have appropriate indemnity cover in place, particularly if working outside the NHS. If you work in private practice you are recommended to ensure that patients, clients and the public are aware of your indemnity insurance arrangements.

If you offer services privately, you must be covered by appropriate indemnity insurance. You must inform us if this is the case and supply your policy number and expiry date. This can be entered at any time using your registrants portal and accessing the "other" tab.

Informing the RCCP of any changes that affect your clinical practise

You must inform the RCCP if there are any changes that may affect your clinical practise, these include;

  • If you been convicted of a criminal offence or received a police caution
     (other than a protected caution or protected conviction) 
  • If you been disciplined by a professional or regulatory body or your
  • If you had civil proceedings (other than a divorce / dissolution of
    marriage or civil partnership) brought against you
  • If you have any physical or mental health condition that would impair your fitness to practise the profession to which your application relates 
  • If you or have you ever been barred under the Safeguarding Vulnerable
    Groups Act 2006 and / or the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act
    2007 from working with: Children and / or Vulnerable adults